Eddie Clemens’ work uses technology and everyday objects to prompt us to reconsider our experience of places and things. With a nod to science fiction, in Total Internal Reflection he ruptures our expectations and memory of space to suggest alternative narratives. With the aid of embedded tracking mechanisms (3-axis gyros and accelerometers), his fibre optic ‘scrubbers’ (Formal Thought Disorder) store and relay data based on their previous use and movement. This relates not only to a mapping of a virtual scrubbing of the Gus Fisher Gallery floors where they currently reside, but also previous activations in other places, including University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts Gallery, and reference to the history of now-lost locations in Christchurch. Other works in the exhibition further explore the opening up of virtual spaces as we anticipate and simulate the possibilities of new developments, scrubbing away the past with high-tech fictions for the future.